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VANAD Aloha: an exceptional customer experience

Contact center software, dedicated to your Customer’s Journey

Taking Customer Contact to the next level. That is what VANAD Aloha contact center software stands for. With its origins in the Contact Center, VANAD Aloha knows exactly what you need to ensure your Customer’s Journey is efficient and pleasant, across all channels.

VANAD Aloha provides your Contact Center with a full range of cloud-based contact center applications. These include Call routing, Inbound- and Outbound calling, IVR, Reporting, Planning and Quality Monitoring. Besides being a complete platform, VANAD Aloha integrates seamlessly with applications in your current IT environment.

It’s all about your customers

VANAD Aloha provides insight into your Customer’s Journey, enabling you to offer your customers the best possible contact experience. Transparency, Customer Engagement and consistent agent performance through monitoring and interaction analysis. Fully customizable reports give you just the right data to secure your competitive advantage.

Virtually anywhere!

VANAD Aloha is a virtual contact center platform. Every day thousands of people all over the world use our contact center software in many different languages, to work from hundreds of (home) office locations.

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Fully integrated contact center software

The VANAD Aloha platform allows for seamless integration with other software packages, helping you get the most out of your current IT infrastructure. We can combine the power of our contact center software with leading Customer Interaction Management (CIM) software such as, RightNow, Nice, Verint, OBI4WAN and Zendesk.

Real-time monitoring or data analysis

VANAD Aloha has many built-in features such as skill- and performance based routing, work from home, an internal chat environment, IVR solutions, scripting and an on-demand planning tool. To give you the insight you need so you can provide your customers with the best Customer Experience, VANAD Aloha offers extensive reporting capabilities. View important KPI’s in real time or analyze the data delivered to you on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. We know what you need to succeed!

Low Investment

VANAD Aloha is cloud based, this means that all you need to get started, is a computer with an internet connection and a headset. There’s no need to have all your Contact Center agents centralized in one location. They can work from anywhere! This can lower housing costs as well as the mileage costs agents would otherwise make to come to the office every day. VANAD Aloha is cloud-based (software as a service), so there is no need to invest in expensive hardware. Let us take care of the maintenance for you!

Always connected

Because VANAD Aloha has an integrated chat option, whisper mode, monitoring and other tools to coach and support the Contact Center agents, a supervisor is always connected with the individual agents and the team. VANAD Aloha enables them to let their team work together in the most efficient and succesful manner- also when agents are working from several different locations. The agents have access to their agent desktop, which gives them all the relevant information about the project they are working on.


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